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Character Info
First Name: Reneé
Middle Name:
Last Name: Lucas
Position: Executive Officer
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Age: 38

Physical Appearance
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 191
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Physical Description: To most she looks like the typical, average human being. Reneé's physical appearance while slightly muscular is nothing spectacular mirroring her mind set. Rather than use pure brute strength she has a tacticians mind when it comes to both operations and personal combat. She has no scars owing to the fact medical technology has taken away them away. Reneé tends to tilt her head when things intrigue her and often grins; when anything pleases her she'll often grin or smirk in a silent reply. When confused with what is happening before her or whatever she hears, Reneé will blink rapidly before stopping as she tries to figure out exactly what is going on. In terms of personal upkeep and standards Renee's personal grooming and uniform are well managed and maintained given her obvious role as an example for other officers to follow.

Spouse: None
Children: None
Father: Major Jamie Lucas
Mother: Lieutenant Junior Grade Karen Lucas
Other Family:

Personality and traits
General Overview: A stickler for rules and punctuality, Reneé is a firm believer and relentless avatar for the face of discipline. Where she might think a ship's commander may lead with inspiration Reneé prefers to think an Executive Officer's role as something to be respected through fear. Not one for getting caught up in worrying about opinions of character, the ageing officer is not afraid to speak her mind even if such opinions are not asked for however she does know WHEN not to speak. It's the HOW that seems to be the problem for Reneé.

While of course caring for those who serve under and with her, she does not believe in the cliché of being half-harsh with a shimmer of lax attitude to the crew. Reneé instead adopts an 'all or nothing' policy and prefers to treat everyone with the same cold approach. Of course she does have a tendency to get highly excited or restless.

Strengths & Weaknesses: A woman of Reneé's experience does not walk around with nothing to speak of her exploits. Reneé is capable of earning respect through her very presence and the way she carries himself. She is also well versed in spacial and ground tactics but of course Reneé is more suited to a combat situation.

Despite Reneé's strengths she does have many weaknesses. First off her attitude and personalty can come across as little more than a rude and bitter marine officer with little regard for decorum which is probably a rather accurate if general description of Reneé. Her lack of patience and restlessness can often cause her to act rashly or without thought.

Ambitions: While promotion to be in command of her own ship is of course at the forefront of Reneé's mind she lacks any political ambition to make it happen. Instead she'd prefer to serve the remainder of her service before retiring with as many fond memories as possible before leading a quieter, simpler life.

Hobbies & Interests: Being in space often gives you more time on your hands than you'd think and Reneé hates nothing more than letting time be whittled away when much more constructive things could be done. As such Reneé has developed a love of physical sports especially boxing where stress of duty can be taken out on another crew member's face or a punching bag. Of course she does like to flex her intellectual muscles and enjoys reading classical literature along with a strong drink.

Personal History: Born on Earth in the city of Edinburgh, Scotland to Reneé was living the care-free life of a child. She never wanted for anything and as a result she turned into a rather spoilt child, always looking to get her own way. Studying in Cairo at one of the Federation's most prestigious centres of learning. While she attained some of the highest grades Reneé was known throughout her childhood as a daydreamer, constantly looking at the horizon to what could happen rather than what was currently happening.

When deciding to join the marines as an officer her father flew into a rage. Reneé had the qualifications and intelligence to pick any career within Starfleet. Cut off from home Reneé found the brutal training difficult but managed to hold her own, even being selected for Jump school due to displayed leadership skills as well as a tenacity for doing what it takes to win. Reneé spent her younger years doing as most marines do; enjoy themselves. she was always getting into trouble with security, romances around the quadrant and acting like young women did.

During the Dominion War Reneé and her platoon of the 1st Company, 66th Spaceborne Regiment were tasked with deep-strike raids behind enemy lines. Their début was during the Chin'toka conflicts when she would be commanded to disable Jem'Hadar anti-aircraft guns. During the Second Battle of Chin'toka when the Federation fleet was chased away, a huge number of marines and Starfleet officers found themselves alone. Rather than surrender, the collection of Federation officers, Klingons and Romulans mounted attacks on the Dominion, Cardassian and Breen occupation forces of the planet until the end of the war when the Battle of Cardassia resulted in the Dominion surrender. Reneé and her marines would spend the next few years acting as peacekeepers and humanitarian relievers for war ravaged planets. Those duties will continue until she was slated for the USS Indefatigable as Executive Officer in a bid to offer the officers there her combat insight.

Service Record:
Born, Civilian, 2349
Starfleet Marine Corps Officer's Academy, Cadet, 2367
Spaceborne Infantry School, 2nd Lieutenant, 2371
Platoon Commander, 1st Company, 66th Spaceborne Regiment, 2371
Platoon Commander, 1st Company, 66th Spaceborne Regiment, 1st Lieutenant, 2374
Company Commander, 2nd Company, 66th Spaceborne Regiment, Marine Captain, 2386
Executive Officer, USS Indefatigable, 2387
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