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Character Information

Name: Rena Markov

Position: Commanding Officer

Rank: Lieutenant Commander

Gender: Female

Species: Human/Betazoid

Age: 34

Physical Appearance

Height: 5'5" (170 cm)

Weight: 120 Lbs (54.431 kg)

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Black

Rena Markov 822x_110

Physical Description: Rena has a light complexion with no real scars, blemishes or even a tattoo. She takes pride in her appearance, to the point of vanity, and always tries to look her best, even when she feels absolutely awful. Rena is shorter than average, but has an air of confidence and determination that mare than make for it. Her hair is black, with a touch of a dark brown, and she usually has it in shorter styles, never really going past her shoulders. Her eyes are also black, although they're more of a charcoal color than the pitch black in full blooded Betazoids. But this isn't something that can really be distinguished unless you put her in a line of Betazoids and were looking at their eyes specifically. Rena maintains her slender physique through regular exercise, most notably she's a practitioner of the Mok'bara, but isn't even close to being an expert or a body builder kind of person.


Spouse: None

Children: None

Father: Matthew Markov

Mother: Lavanya Markov

Brother(s): None

Sister(s): Serri Markov, Tina Markov

Personality & Traits

General Overview: Rina is a very driven and energetic person. She's always doing 'something' and always works very hard at what she does. She also expects everyone else to work just as hard as she does, and can be very demanding of those that work for her as well. She will never tell someone to do something that she wouldn't do herself, but there's also not a lot that she isn't willing to do in order to achieve her goals, both professionally and personally. She's not one for praise, for herself or anyone, and tends to push people to try harder rather than giving them a pat on the back. In addition, she's also very smart and has a huge ego that makes it hard for her to admit that she's ever wrong.

On a more personal level, she can be somewhat abrasive at first, but eventually warms up to people after getting to know them for a while. Unless of course she thinks someone is lazy or incompetent, in which case she doesn't waste any of her energy on even trying to be cordial to them. On the other hand she does know better than to open her mouth on her feelings in regards to superior officers that she doesn't like, or say something that could get her in trouble. In more social settings, or her relationships she displays the same energy that drives her work, and almost lives by the saying "Work hard, play hard".

In spite of her shortcomings, Rena does possess an ability to instill confidence, will ruthlessly protect those under her command, and she often relaxes on certain regulations that she feels harm the overall efficiency of the ship, and the crews well-being in general. This combined with her standoffish nature has earned her few friends in high (Or equal) places, but she doesn't really care so long as it doesn't effect how her ship runs. Rena being part Betazoid is an empath but it's not something that she's trained in, and Rena is somewhat ostracized from the Betazoid side of her family over the issue.

Strengths & Weaknesses: Rena's strengths lay in her ability to focus on a problem, or whatever challenge is set before her. Her confidence, drive, and energy give her a forceful and commanding personality that she backs up with an almost insane work ethic. She excels at getting things done under adverse circumstances and making the difficult decisions. On the other hand, she can be very demanding of those under her command and can also be abrasive which doesn't help. Her expectation that others work as hard as she does can be unrealistic in many cases, and her lack of cordiality towards those she doesn't like makes her come off as rude. Her egotistical nature combined with her self-confidence can make her seem arrogant, and it also means that she has a hard time admitting when she's wrong.

Ambitions: Rena doesn't have many long-term ambitions beyond keeping life interesting. She doesn't really care where she is ten years from now, or whether she's even still in command, so long as things are never dull and she always has something to do.

Hobbies & Interests: Rena is a practitioner of the Klingon Mok'bara martial art and she finds Klingon culture fascinating on the whole. She enjoys watching various comedies or news programs when she's working on something at else, and she always tries to stay up to date on current events. Although she'll never admit it to anyone, she also enjoys using medieval or fantasy holoprograms.


Personal History: Rena Markov was born on the Cerberus Colony in 2353, and was the first of three children born to the Markov family. Her father Matthew was a farmer who owned a large estate, while her mother, Lavanya, was a recent migrant from Betazoid who came to the Colony for work as an architect. Growing up on the Colony world, Rena, was never really close with either her parents or her sisters who displayed a much greater love for farm life, and embraced their Betazoid far more than Rena did. From an early age she sought to escape the dull, drab farm and the way that (In her opinion) her family suffocated her with things like family game time, family holo-movie night, family camp trips, and many many more 'family' related events around the clock.

As a sort of escape, Rena, threw herself into her schoolwork, joining numerous student organizations and doing everything she could to avoid being stuck watching plants grow at home. She excelled at her classes, and also discovered she had a knock for working with Warp Cores when the local Zefram Cochrane Student Organization built one as a project. During her late teens, Rena, made up her mind to apply for Starfleet Academy, as it more than anything would give her a good reason for leaving Cerberus, and an actual future to look forward to as well. She was able to pass the entrance exams at 17 thanks to her studious habits, but leaving for the Academy proved harder than she'd imagined as it would also be the last time she'd see her family face-to-face for years and as time passed, she found that she had a harder, and harder time talking to her family even via subspace communications.

During her time at the Academy, Rena became a much more social, and outgoing person than she had been at home. She found the general freedom the Academy exhilarating, and during her first year she became something of a party animal, even as her grades and work ethic suffered. This didn't last long though as one of her professors took the time to publicly humiliate her by using a badly done paper she'd submitted as an example of what not to do in front of every class he taught, until Rena brought her grades back up. Following this, Rena went back to her more studious ways, although she still remained a very social person. At least when she wasn't studying. Her chosen path at the academy was Engineering with a focus on Warp Systems and Starship Impulse Drives. She graduated, a few months after the conclusion of the Dominion War, and was one of the top students in her class having matured greatly during her four years at the Academy.

Rena's first assignment was at the vaunted Utopia Planitia Shipyards. There she served as an Ensign, as part of a refit team that was working on bringing ships that had been severely damaged or pressed into service during the war up to spec. Rena was responsible for leading a team of NCO's in refitting Impulse Engines aboard numerous vessels and was highly praised by her direct superiors for not only being able to meet challenging deadlines, but for also using the least amount of resources needed to do so.

Eventually Rena was tasked with working as a junior member of the Warp Core team. The work was extremely difficult as many of the older vessels had developed their unique power requirements over the years, making the replacement of their Cores with new, more efficient versions a headache. During her time at Utopia Planitia, Rena made many friends and was credited as being a miracle worker, but she also earned a lot enemies for her abrasive nature and a general 'doesn't play well with others' attitude. So when she was offered a chance to work in Starfleet's Officer Exchange program with the Klingon Empire it was a bit of a mixed blessing. While technically a step up in the world, it wasn't exactly considered a choice assignment by many in Engineering circles.

Nevertheless, Rena, jumped at the chance and was promoted to Lieutenant J.G as part of the Exchange, and assigned to the I.K.S Koraga. The Koraga was a newly built Vor'Cha Class cruiser, and named for a ship destroyed in the Dominion War. Unlike other officers, Rena adapted to life aboard the ship quite easily, and thoroughly enjoyed the experience, especially being able to see the inner-workings of a Klingon vessel from the Warp Core to impossibly small maintenance shafts. She even entered into a relationship with the ships senior helmsman, a Klingon named Kla'magh. Kla'magh taught her Mok'bara, and gave her the love for Klingon culture that she has today. The two were a happy couple for the most part, if a bit odd, especially on a ship with an all Klingon crew. Eventually the relationship came to an end over the issue of children (Rena didn't want them, Kla'magh did) and around the same time, Rena's Exchange tour came to an end.

After her time on the Koraga, Rena, was posted to the USS Halberd, as its Chief Engineer. The Halberd was a Saber Class assigned to patrol the Breen border, and often found itself dealing with threats from independent Breen slaving parties, to Ferengi trying to scam a Colony world out of it's materiel wealth or replicators. As Chief Engineer, Rena did a superb job keeping the ship in good shape, but was often subject to complaints for being rude and overly demanding of her staff. In spite of this, she managed to avoid any major problems with her staff, and even the Halberds CO grudgingly admitted that she had a knack for getting people to give it 100%, even if she didn't make many friends in the process. As a result, he recommended that she participate in Starfleet's Command Courses during her off-hours, allowing Rena to serve aboard the ship and gain the knowledge she'd need for an eventual command of her own as well. By the time the Halberd had returned from its lengthily tour of duty, Rena, was set on the command track, and promoted to Lieutenant Commander.

Her next posting was on the USS Minotaur, a newly built member of the Argonaut Class of ships. The Minotaur was partially under the auspices of the Starfleet Corps. of Engineers, which was still trying to work out various kinks in the design, especially relating to the classes problem with getting power to its weapons. As the executive officer, Rena had no trouble playing 'bad cop' to Captain Reimers 'good cop'. To date the Minotaur was Rena's favorite assignment, as there were constantly new goals being set, new engineering problems to be solved, along with the ships regular duties. Rena got along better with the crew of the Minotaur than she had with previous assignments, and was saddened when she was re-assigned.

Following a review of her tenure as the Minotaur's XO, Rena was put in charge of the refit of the USS Indefatigable, an older Excelsior Class. At the end of the refit she was also slated to serve as the ships Commanding Officer, as the Indefatigable would also be another Corps. Of Engineer's project involved with Taskforce 72.

Service Record:
- Utopia Planitia Shipyards, Ensign
- IKS Koraga, Lieutenant J.G (Officer Exchange Program)
- USS Halberd, Lieutenant
- USS Minotaur, Lieutenant Commander
- USS Indefatigable, Lieutenant Commander

"We have noting to fear. Period. That's it. The end, we are invincible."- Franklin Roosevelt
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