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Post by Rena Markov on Sun Sep 23, 2012 11:52 am

Alright guys so here are the general rules of the simm. Now obviously this won't cover everything that could possibly happen, but y'all are smart people. You should have the common sense to know what behaviors are appropriate and what things you shouldn't do while on this forum. In fact let's make that rule 1.

#1. Exercise common sense

#2. This Simm is rated at PG-13. So no overly aggressive, violent, vulgar, or sexual posts. When it comes to swearing, light swear words are okay, as are some replacement words (Ex. Frak from Battlestar Galactica). Just keep it appropriate to the situation, and don't go on full fledged swearing tirades.

#3. Separate the Out Of Character (OOC) from the In Character (IC). I may be really mean to your character in a post and belittle them, but I would never do such a thing to the actual player. Simms can be a lot more fun when all our characters don't get along, just keep in mind that this is done to add another level to the story, not to offend you personally.

#4. All players are required to post in the current mission at least once a week. More activity is encouraged and rewarded. Personal logs and in-progress Joint Posts (JP's) do not count toward this number. A finished JP does, and each player who participated in it will receive credit. A posting 'week' on the Indefatigable is from Monday to Sunday. Somewhere between Monday, and Sunday a player must post in character. Some leeway will be allowed, but in general a first time offender will receive a written warning. A second offense will result in the reduction of one rank from your character. A third will result in a removal from the Simm, and the offender will be unable to re-apply aboard the indie for 90 days.

#5. As long as your writing is readable I'm okay with it. Minor grammatical errors are fine, I myself have trouble with this. Just don't post in-character with 'chat' or 'text' speak and you'll be fine.

#6. Any player may request a leave of absence, or an extended leave of absence if they find themselves unable to keep up with posting requirements. Just send either myself or the XO and tell us how long you'll be gone and we'll see what we can do for you.

#7. Each Department Head is allowed to create one non-player character (NPC) to utilize should they wish to. This NPC will be a player NPC (PNPC) and should not be used without permission of the creator. Other NPC's are free for use by all members. PNPC's can also be used in joint posts, or regular posts but don't devote too much attention to them. Do not create PNPC's in another players department without permission from that player. If there is no player in that department, please ask me first instead. These PNPC's are not allowed to outrank your own character, and cannot hold a senior staff position. Civilian PNPC's can be created by anyone, not just department heads, but please send me a description of the PNPC's and what you plan to do with them before you start posting with them.

#8. Promotions aboard the Indie are decided upon by myself, and the executive officer at the end of a mission. We'll be looking for posting frequency, quality, and OOC participation above all else. Other awards will also be decided upon at the end of a mission. Please note that players who post only short paragraphs, infrequently, and demonstrate a lack of quality may be subject to a demotion as well.

#9. With the exception of your personal log, all IC posts should be done in a third person, past-tense format. For example:

"What's going on," Fallon asked as she stepped onto the bridge.

Is how it should be done. Not:

"What's going on," I asked, stepping onto the bridge.


<Fallon steps onto the bridge>
Fallon: What's going on?

#10. Player are encouraged to read the Bravo Fleet [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] and [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

#11. No god-modding, or writing out for other characters that belong to another player without their expressed permission. Be sure to use clarity if you do ask someone for permission to use their character, even if it's just something as small as walking through a doorway.

If there's something you feel is missing, or if you're having issues please feel free to contact me or the executive officer.
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