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Trella Fong (NPC-Daniel Sullivan) Empty Trella Fong (NPC-Daniel Sullivan)

Post by Rena Markov on Sat Nov 03, 2012 3:49 pm

Character Info
First Name: Trella
Last Name:Fong
Rank: Lieutenant J.G
Position: Engineer
Gender: Male
Species: Bolian

Physical Appearance
Height: 6’3
Hair Color:None
Eye Color:gray
Physical Description:
Trella is a typical Bolian with dark blue skin and the typical ridge common to the Bolian Species. He is very muscular and a very imposing figure.

Father: Alke Fong
Mother: Bynda Fong
Other Family:12 Cousins

Personality and traits
General Overview: Trella has only been in Starfleet just under 4 years. He is an eager officer and is ready for his first taste of combat. He wants to earn medals and be the youngest Bolian Admiral in Starfleet.

Strengths & Weaknesses: His immense build and incredible physical strength is one his strengths. He has a strong knowledge of Engineering.
His weakness though is his ambitions and is willing to do anything or climb over anyone to get to the top. He is also very paranoid and feels that when things don’t go his way others are conspiring against him.

Ambitions: He wants to be a Starfleet Captain and then Admiral

Hobbies & Interests: Weightlifting, sport

Personal History: Trella is from the Bolian homeworld, Bolarus IX. His father was a lowly deckhand on a intersystem freighter which probably explains his desire to make something of himself. That desire led him into Starfleet. He graduated somewhat near the middle of his class, but he proved himself very well on the Starfleet Academy football team as a defensive guard. He graduated with a major in Warp Field studies and a strong minor in Sensor Dynamics. His first assignment was a lackluster one, he was certain someone was conspiring against him. He was stationed as a junior engineering officer on the USS Malta. Only one problem, the Malta was an old Oberth Class vessel pressed into service as a Fleet supply ship during the war and was being decommissioned. For 4 years Trella spent the time in drydock preparing the ship for decommisioning. His time on the Malta was uneventful and made no impression on his Commanding officer who wrote in his transfer evaluation. “This officer has performed his duties adequately”, normally a kiss of death for young officers with aspirations of captaincy. Still he managed to get promoted to LTJG although some of his peers were already full Lieutenants. When his tour was up he leaped at the chance for a deep space assignment and picked the USS Indefatigable, not the plum choice he would have preferred a Galaxy or Sovereign class ship but he would have to make do.

Service Record:

2381-2384: Starfleet Academy Earth
2384-2387: USS Malta: Oberth Class

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