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Post by Oliver D on Mon Oct 08, 2012 1:22 pm

Player Information
Name: Bradford
Age: 29
E-mail: xbradcx {at} yahoo [dot] com (the forum says I can't post email addy or external link)

Character Info
First Name: Oliver
Middle Name: Patrick
Last Name: Dougherty
Position You Are Applying For: Chief of Stratgic Operations
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Age: 30

Physical Appearance

Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 183 lbs.
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blonde

Physique/Build/Frame: Tall, Athletic, and Muscular
Oliver has always been active. Since the time he was a small child he was always engaged in sports and physical activities such as rock climbing. has a muscular build. He walks tall and confidently, almost with an arrogant swagger, almost. His eyes seem to lie about his age. The icy cold stare he has belies his true kind nature. Upon first being in his presence one would think he is harsh and uncaring but that is just the toll war and life has had on him.

Personality and Traits

General Overview:
Oliver is very slow to trust and even slower to make friends. He likes to be the first volunteer and would risk his own life to preserve the life of others. He believes that all life is precious until it threatens something else in undue nature. Sometimes he is a bit hasty in decisions but once he has made a decision he supports the decision with everything he has in him. He demands excellence from himself and those around him. He only keeps two things in his mind accomplishment of his mission and the welfare of his soldiers. He is the kind of guy who will give you the boots off his feet if u need them, or ask for them.

Oliver likes camping and hiking. His interests also include piloting small waterborne craft and sailing, soccer, and cliff diving. His favorite foods are: grilled beef ribs, salads, any sort of chocolate, and always has some sort of juice. Ollie's parents always had a small pack of assorted dogs, therefore he is a dog lover.

Tribbles. Once Oliver came across a tribble and that happened to be the worst week of his life. He also can not stand coffee, being stuck indoors for too long, laziness.

Oliver was raised in Texas by traditional parents so he has a habit of calling everyone sir and ma'am even if they are lower ranked than him. Not that this is a bad thing, but sometimes enlisted crew members are caught a bit off guard by this.

Strengths & Weaknesses

One of his strongest gifts is his grasp of ground tactics and military strategy. He will go till he cannot anymore. He is loyal to a fault and will do almost anything for anyone who has earned his friendship. He can see well in daylight but in a low-light situation he can see almost twice as far as the average person. He also has the ability to retain color vision in these circumstances.

Oliver is quick to point out faults he thinks need to be corrected in others and will confront anyone that he thinks is not pulling their own weight. He is confident in his abilities, sometimes to the point of arrogance.


He wants to return to a Starfleet ship one day. Because while he is there he can make a difference. He also wants to have kids, but not in the foreseeable future. He regrets leaving Starfleet and has dealt with his past and more specifically the destruction of the Gemini and the death of his wife.

Hobbies & Interests

Oliver likes to spend time in nature and exploring the wilderness of new places and planets. Hiking, rock climbing and cliff diving are some of his favorite things to do when he has the time. He also likes to read 19 & 20'th century literature but is not fond of holonovels.


Federation Standard


Pre Starfleet:

When Oliver was about 10 he decided to go camping without telling anyone where he was going, and he stayed gone for 2 weeks! He was curious what was in the forests near his home and what the countryside held in store for him to find. Oliver was born into a family that has a long line of Starfleet officers. In fact all of his Grandparents were in Starfleet. His father was a Starfleet Captain. Pat's mother was a Dr. who achieved the rank of LTCDR, but retired after his sister Amber was born. Patrick's sister Jill decided to follow their mother into the medical field in Starfleet, but the call of adventure and exploration was too strong for him not to heed it.

Starfleet Academy:

Cadet year 1 - Some problems making riends and working in groups. Otherwise acceptable performance this year. Average 93% , finished this year 13th in class.
Cadet year 2- Loner tendancies becoming less evident as longer term relationships are formed. Average 94%, class rank at end of term 10th.
Cadet Year 3- As he is more and more comfortable with his class mates the leadership ability of Cadet Dougherty is visable through the teambuilding phase of the academy. He now appears to be more concerned for his squad mates than himself in almost all exercises. Average 89% Class rank 30th
Cadet year 4- After the release of 2 of his squad mates and the transfer of the other 3 to different squads, Cadet Dougherty is faced with the same challenge as he was first year, he is starting to be a loner again but his own performance is at an all time positive spike. Cadet may need a coulcilor assigned when assigned a duty station to work out personality quirks. Average 97% Overall Graduating Class Rank 10 of 250.
Chief Instructor Admiral H.S. Wells

Service Record


NCC 75098 USS Relentless
Conn Officer


NCC 75098 USS Relentless
Conn Officer
Lieutenant Junior Grade

NCC 74680 USS Gemini
Chief Conn Officer
Lieutenant Junior Grade


NCC 74680-A USS Gemini
Strategic Operations Officer/Second Officer


NCC 74680-A USS Gemini
Acting First Officer
Lieutenant Commander

==Promoted to Commander upon graduation from Starfleet Command Academy==

NCC 95674 USS Zephyr
Commanding Officer

NCC 95674 USS Zephyr (Ship Destroyed in Battle)
Commanding Officer

**Resigned Commission**

Five years pass.



Marital Status- Widower
Spouse - Commander Kara Ahni-Dougherty, Acting Captain, USS Gemini (Deceased)
Captain Robert Dougherty 57 (Ret)
Ltcdr Dr. Mary (Stepper) Dougherty 56-resides Texas, Earth
Amber (Dougherty) Kundmueller 33Texas, Earth
JtJG Dr. Jill Dougherty 24-Starfleet Doctor

Sample Post:

-USS Gemini, 0845-
-Ready Room-
-6 years ago-

Before he'd ever left her quarters that morning, but long after she had, Patrick had made a decision. The decision had had him whistling to himself all morning, until the attack had occurred.

On Kara's nightstand was a dozen orange roses with delicate white edges. He knew those were her favorite. Next to them lay his class ring from the Academy and a note written in his horrible excuse for handwriting.

Let me love you for the rest of my life. Take the oath with me, Kara....be my wife...

That note, that simple proposal was what was on his mind when Patrick had been knocked unconscious by an unexpected hit to the back of his head from an exploding bulkhead. The ship rocked, sending him crashing to the floor of his office.

Now, the sound of that very woman's voice filled his ears as alarm klaxons blared around him, warning of intruders.

=/\=Commander Dougherty, intruders reported on Deck 36. How fast can you get a team to engineering? =/\= Kara's voice over the comlink shoved the last vestiges of cobwebs from his mind.

He shoved himself up off the floor with a deep grunt, tapping his combadge, =/\=On my way, Captain. =/\=

Slapping his combadge again to close the channel he grabbed a mek'Hleth off of a wall display and dashed out the door. His next stop was the armory where he picked up a pair of hand phasers and a compression rifle. By the time he was into the turbolift he was barking orders into his combadge to the ship's security staff.

Oliver said, "Alpha team assemble on me at corridor thirty-six alpha, Lieutenant Prell Assemble Bravo team in the parallel corridor we'll sweep forward to engineering and set up our defense there."

"Aye Commander I have bravo assembled and armed we'll be there presently."


As Oliver's and Darjock's teams burst into engineering via side doors he could hear the fighting getting closer. He could guess that the remaining security officers were fighting hard but loosing ground. Using only hand signals now he gave orders to the men with him having them form up in defensive positions, and leaving Darjock in command of the last line of defense; he was resolved to break the back of the offensive and take the pressure off the rest of the teams.

Making sure his weapons were secure he opened an access port and ascended into the jeffries tubes.

He crawled up one deck and through the conduits finding the hatch that was his destination. He didn't yet know this new ship as well as the old Gemini but he knew the conduits well enough to find a hatch behind the encroaching Romulans. He needed to draw some of the Romulans off, and force them to divide their forces and give the security forces a chance to re-affirm their positions and drive back the intruders. He'd seen Bailey go into the engineer's office and assumed he had the lay of the situation, so he only concerned himself with drawing the Romulans' attention to himself.

He opened the hatch and saw a pair of Romulans bringing up some sort of heavy weapon no doubt devised for blowing out bulkheads and force fields as needed. Fitting the barrel of his rifle into the crack of the hatch he aimed and fired turning both their bodies into smoking bits of bio matter.

More Romulans down the passage turned raising their disruptors, the nearest was vapor before he could fire. Slamming the hatch against the ensuing fire he crawled as fast as he could through the tight confines and opened another hatch. This one he dropped down from spying the Romulans at the other hatch around the corner. He fired and followed the shot with a yell that made the green men pause a moment before turning and firing in his direction but he had already ducked back around the corner.

He was running now he had two on his tail but he needed to draw off more of the intruders. He paused at the corpse of a fallen security officer, a new ensign that had only recently been assigned to the Gemini, seeing just what he needed.

He took only a moment to pause closing the young man's unseeing eyes and said a few low words in Klingon.

He could hear the Romulans closing on his heels and he grabbed the pair of photon grenades that was still on the man's belt. He took a couple of power packs as well.

Running towards the main fighting in one o the main corridors leading to engineering he set the grenade to stun mode. As soon as he spied the rearguard of the enemy he threw it well past them and ran. suddenly the pursuing Romulans were on him and before he could duck down a side corridor he suffered a nasty disruptor burn on his left forearm. He felt blinding and searing pain he ran howling and taunting the intruders.

"Green blooded bastards! You have no courage for a real fight?!"

He looked over his shoulder as he ran a number of Romulans were now pursuing but not quite so many as he had hoped, he just prayed there were not so many remaining that Bailey would make it out.

Now he needed to find a place where he could fight them on his terms, he remembered fighting the battle of Thermopylae with Gabe and Mike so long ago he needed to find his own defendable pass.

As the Romulans closed in on his heels he shimmied up a ladder to the upper deck and ran through the corridors yelling and screaming taunts, after all he didn't' want to loose them in that terrible maze of a starship.

He needed a way to put the Romulans at a disadvantage when he remembered a trick Sparks had taught him.

Tapping his combadge he gave orders that his shipmates would know were phony and the Romulans would think he was calling for backup. "Security team Omega, Dougherty, meet me at Impulse reactor three." The Romulans had no way of knowing of course that there was no security team omega.

Gaining a little distance on his pursuers he ran through a door and sealed it behind him, already he could hear disruptor fire slamming into it.

He worked fast going to a console he went to work but suddenly he couldn't remember the exact parameters. If he couldn't remember how to set up a low level duotronic field he would be dead seconds after the door was blown.

His fingers worked furiously over the glossy surface there was just enough power to do what he needed but he still couldn't get it configured. He knew the door was about to come apart and he tried one last frantic command.

He ducked behind the console as shards of metal flew across the room. He had no way of knowing if he had just changed the odds or if he was about to die.

He stood proudly now only, holding his mek'Hleth.

"Today is a good day to die..." as he saw their confused looks as they pressed the triggers of their weapons his toothy grin broadened, "...for you!"

He burst into action a beautiful marriage of man and steel that hewed down the first two Romulans before they could think to draw daggers and what melee weapons they had about them. The attack however was short lived, the pain in his left forearm was excruciating and complex movements were almost impossible. Dropping the larger blade, he drew the d'ktahg he always carried. He quickly ducked a thrust and deprived the unlucky Romluan of his ability to breathe.

The Romulans pressed the attack though seeing he was wounded coming at him with a myriad of weapon thrusts forcing him back further into the room and partially surrounding him. Oliver fought like a demon slashing and parrying this way and that more than a few times delivering a telling blow that ended the life of a Romulan.

Though he fought valiantly felling Romulan after Romulan, he began to take injuries mostly minor cuts on his arms and a nasty gash on his right thigh. On and on he fought not only Romulans but also with pain and rage. He laughed, mostly to himself as fresh enemies entered with leveled disruptors. His laughter however wash short lived as he realized that he hadn't long to live now, he was out of options; there was no way to get to his phasers and no avenue of escape. He quickly drew up the corpse of one of the fallen as a disruptor bolt split the air.

A Romulan Subcommander, apparently in charge, stared at the beaten man for a moment. A sneer formed on his lips, his eyes dark and cold as he uttered two words.

"Kill him."

Oliver stared coldly at the Subcommander as a weapon was raised, and lazily pawed at his commbadge.

=A=Commander Dougherty to Lieutenant Pell.=A=

=A= Pell, here. I'm a little busy, Sir.=A=

=A= Pell, the Captain, don't let them take her.=A=

The second shot didn't miss.

Oliver snapped awake. Covered in sweat he looked around; dim violet lighting, familiar surroundings, home. Home those words barely had any meaning anymore. The nightmares were a rarity now. This was the first one that he had experienced in almost six months. The doctors had cleared him for duty, intelligence had found no reason to delay his reapplication or security clearance any longer, now he was just waiting on the senior admiralty to rule on his fate. Was his reinstatement going to be to a command? Oliver hadn't ever thought that he would be able to serve again. He had all but abandoned hope of returning to the life had had known, but after spending the last three years being treated on Trill and Vulcan for the combat stress he had suffered at the destruction of the USS Gemini, then again after the destruction of the Zephyr, his ship.

After he had gotten out of bed and managed to drag himself to the replicator to retrieve something to eat and settle his stomach after that dream. Was it a dream, was it a memory? He wasn't sure anymore. He had been mixing memories and experiences since he had received treatment and therapy and tried to expunge the memories that he carried around but didn't want anymore.

While he was eating his Bajoran Moba fruit, he received a message.

The message was text only from a contact that he still had that was associated with the Admiralty board. It read:
"You have been reinstated Ollie, but it is only provisional. You'll be assessed by the counselor weekly; and if you miss any sessions or are deemed unfit you will be relieved, permanently. But the only people that will know anything about your restricion will be the Chief Medical Officer and the Chief counselor. You have been placed back into Strategic Operations, but I do not know what your rank is going to be. Do not contact me. If I find out anything else you'll be notified."

Oliver D

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Aplication: Bio and sample post Empty Re: Aplication: Bio and sample post

Post by Rena Markov on Mon Oct 08, 2012 7:44 pm

Accepted with a rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade. Feel free to register on the board!

Also a couple of suggestions:
- You might work on the characters back story a little bit, the history section seems kinda bare in my humble opinion.
- The Likes/Dislikes and quirks might flow better if they were integrated with other sections like the General Overview, or Hobbies and Interests

Everything else looks good, welcome to the Indie!

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