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Post by skdnkask on Mon Nov 05, 2012 9:09 pm

(Wooooo, I'm the first one to apply via thread. Victory screech!)

Player Information
Name: Ben
Age: 17

Character Info
First Name: Antoine
Middle Name: Richard
Last Name: Wercheg
Position You Are Applying For: Chief Diplomatic Officer
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Age: 27

Physical Appearance
Height: 196 centimeters
Weight: 87 kilogram
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown/Hazel
Physical Description: Antoine Wercheg isn't very tall, nor is he very bulky. He is, however, very germanic. His ancestry hails all the way back to a long line of german soldiers. His jaw is stronger than an anvil, and his face is essentially a rectangle. He has long eyebrows that dance just above his eyes, in a way that accents his facial structure, while simultaneously complimenting it. Being a wily one when it comes to shaving, he is also commonly found to have atleast a few days worth of stubble hanging under his chin and upper-neck.

Spouse: None
Children: None
Father: Everet Wercheg
Mother: Adalia Wercheg
Brother(s): None
Sister(s): Emilia Wercheg
Other Family: No relevant extended family

Personality and traits
General Overview: Antoine Wercheg is a silly man. He isn't silly in that he is wacky or zany, but the eccentric way in which he does things has been described by close friends and co-workers alike as "silly." He will be quoted as abstaining from drinking alcoholic beverages on a mission, then he will be found hitting up the bar a few hours afterwards, and he'll find a way to defend himself that makes reasonable, logical sense. He'll tell everyone to drop their weapons to negotiate peaceful talks, then pull out a weapon of his own to put everyone on equal footing on the grounds that they are all equally likely to get shot by the mad man(himself). It's hard to not work out a treaty with a firearm pointed at you however.

Strengths & Weaknesses: Antoine Wercheg's unorthodox ways have always conflicted with regulations and the interests of his peers, or so they say. Antoine's biggest problem is that he's far too focused on 'the big picture' to see how his behaviour might be disasterous or harmful to others. Despite this, he is not undisciplined or unaware of the importance of regulations. He is just a little too good at getting results. His biggest strength is undoubtedly knowing when to be himself and when to be "Lieutenant Wercheg." The two are quite different in his mind.

Ambitions: He is not an overly ambitious fellow. He knows that biting off more than one can chew is a great way to find yourself iced. His greatest dream would be to, of course, sit in the captain's chair, but he isn't actively persuing it. He is happy enough being a simple diplomat. He likes his job.

Hobbies & Interests: Antoine Wercheg has always been very fond of running simulations in the holodeck. He'd run just about anything he could get his hands on. Discussing peace talks for the Treaty of Versailles to being a simple farm boy like in his childhood. Anytime he'd get a free moment, he could more than likely be found in the holodeck.

Personal History: Antoine Wercheg was born in a simple farming colony. It was a nice, peaceful life. And how did Antoine hate it. He always wanted to be more than just a simple farm boy sitting around and hoing dirt like some kind of dirt pimp. However, one day in early-teens, a Federation starship found itself in orbit around his colony for repairs. While the captain and first officers were discussing adult things with his family, Antoine was given a full-tour around the starship. It was such a different experience that Antoine couldn't help but wonder how one could join such an awesome lifestyle. The captain when asked by the eager-faced teen, smiled and told the boy of Starfleet, and more importantly, Starfleet Academy. When he discussed it with his parents, they tried to object, but they had never seen their boy so passionate about anything in his life. They simply couldn't refuse.

Service Record: After completing his education in Starfleet Academy, Ensign Wercheg was assigned to a ship as a security officer. He remained with the ship, befriending his crew and captain. Unfortunately, after a botched negotiation with known space-pirates, the ship was ambushed and torn apart. Most of the crew made it out, save his captain and a few unlucky souls that died on weapons impacting the hull. Sharing an emergency shuttle-craft with the first mate of the ship, he learned that it was a failed negotiation that ended up ruining the ship, and decided to switch his career role. He became a diplomat, after much deliberation with Starfleet Command, they saw that he had a proficiency for delegation and negotiation and allowed him to change his colors. After spending the past few years of his life hopping from ship to ship, he decided to fill out a request to join the USS Indefatigable. He didn't honestly know if it was the ship that he saw way back as a kid, but it reminded him of her, in both size and form. And it was serving near the bleeding heart of the Romulan Star Empire, an area that would need any help that it could get.

Sample Post:
Nose bleeds. They always told Lieutenant Wercheg that he would stop having them as much as he did, and that his body would get used to the enviornment of a starship in a few years. People also used to tell him not to make silly faces, or they might stay silly forever. It was bad enough that Wercheg had so little room in his bunk. He had as much room as everyone else, but he just knew that the last tour he was on had bigger bunks. Here he was, cramped, bloody, and contorted in a way so that he is both burying his face in his pillow, and leaning his torso against the wall. It wasn't a very comfortable position.

Alarms. Reflex. Wercheg moved without hesitation. He knew where he needed to be, and how little time he had to get there. He slipped on his boots, tying the laces seemingly faster than a machine would be able to register. Within a few seconds, Lieutenant Wercheg was up and running to the turbo-lift to get to his station. Right now was not the time to be goofy or to try and crack jokes with his crewmen. He knew it, and they knew it. He stayed silent in his turbo-lift along with the two other crew men. They remained silent as death while the lift whirred up. They were all assessing if the ship was being hit or hitting anything. It was a futile effort, because in the vacuum of space, they wouldn't be able to hear any incoming blasts, but their heads were all focused on what needed to be done. "Ensign, is this your first red alert," Wercheg asked, finally breaking the silence. The stocky, well-built man hesitantly shook his head 'yes'. Wercheg noticed his uniform and realized that he was assigned to engineering. Antoine took a deep breath and exhaled, shaking his head. "You know ensign, most of those that are assigned to engineering die in their first red alert. Buck up, if you can handle this, you can handle anything." There was a small tremor throughout the lift, and all the inhabitants let out a single, startled gasp. A second later the lift stopped at the engine room and the uneasy ensign nervously shuffled out of the turbo-lift. A second later, the doors were closed and the lift was headed toward the bridge.

The man standing next to Wercheg shoved Wercheg against the wall of the lift, grabbing him by his shoulders. Wercheg's eyes opened in suprize, but he didn't fight back or show any noticable resistance. "What the hell do you think you're doing, Lieutenant?! We need our men to be at peak operating performance! We can't be scaring them shitless so that they can't perform their damn duties! As the second officer of the bridge, I swear, I will get you off this ship and send you to the deepest, darkest cranny in the Neutral Zone! You're just a diplomat, so can you act like you have a piece of your mind?!" The second officer let go of Wercheg and let him drop.

Wercheg stretched his shoulders, as they still ached from the man's grip. "Sir, as I'm sure you'll look up soon, it is listed in many scientific journals that crew members that are aware of the threat of imminent death actually have a much higher rate of survival. I was making up a statistic simply to-"

"To make him operate under an illusory threat," the second officer interrupted, finishing Lieutenant Wercheg's sentence. "I like the way your mind works, Lieutenant Wercheg." Finally, the turbo-lift doors opened, and the two stepped on to the bridge, assuming their positions. Wercheg was still thinking about what the second officer had said. The deepest, darkest cranny of the Neutral Zone.


It turns out that the problem was just a group of slavers thinking they could take on a Defiant class starship. They were annihilated a few minutes after Wercheg got to the bridge, as they had no intent of extending an olive branch or surrendering. Lieutenant Wercheg was waiting outside of the captain's quarters. He had requested a meeting with him, because he had something he wanted to discuss with his captain. Lieutenant Wercheg had his hands held behind his back, staying in a proper pose, although he was visibly uneasy.

The doors slid open with pneumatic woosh and the captain welcomed him in. "Come, Lieutenant Wercheg, take a seat, what is so urgent?"

Antoine Wercheg sat down and played with his hands, although he made direct eye-contact with his captain. "Sir, it's come to my attention that I've not been feeling quite the right amount of respect among my peers in this current station and I was thinking that, perhaps a transfer is due."

"Another one? Look... Antoine... I'm saying this as your friend, Starfleet isn't always going to approve your transfers. If they accept this next one, you'll be stuck there for a while, so I hope you know what you're doing."

"Sir, I... I do. I've actually already got a ship in mind."

"Look, if this is what about Second Officer Collins said, I could-"

"I want to transfer to the USS Indefatigable, sir."


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Post by Danny Sullivan on Thu Nov 08, 2012 9:02 pm

Welcome aboard!!! Take a look around and the Captain will be with you shortly.

Daniel Sullivan
Chief Petty Officer
Damage Control
USS Indefatigable NCC-14924
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Forum Application the First Empty Re: Forum Application the First

Post by Rena Markov on Mon Nov 12, 2012 9:54 pm

Sorry for not responding soon! (Stupid hard drive...) Welcome aboard you are accepted with the rank of Lieutenant J.G! I'll accept you're account, and get everything set up right away!

"We have noting to fear. Period. That's it. The end, we are invincible."- Franklin Roosevelt
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